-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-May13th, 2008------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
,Rick Palmer, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Joe Sokalski, Greg Arnold, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,, Joe Somaine, Jim Grant, Debbie Miller
Dottie Waller,, Steve Walsh, Vic Parker, Jim Stockdale

Issues Discussed:

Saturday May 13th, starts at 8:00am and last teams hit at 6:45pm.
Teams need to be at field 30 minutes prior to their time slot. Rick needs help at 7:00am to put the fence up.
T-Ball will only get 10 balls and will double the score, only 1/2 hr. slots, all other teams have 45 min. slot,
except for majors have an hour slot. We have the prizes all ready.
Prizes for Top Money donations will get a Nintendo Wii,
2nd place for top money donations will get $100 visa gift card,
3rd place for top money donations will get $50 visa gift card.
Top team in each division for the most money raised will receive a pizza party.
Top 3 kids in each division for batting points will get a trophy at our Annual
Awards picnic.

T-Ball All STARS
Sunday June 8th

Districts & Tournaments
7yr invite-Tretter at Fairless Hills
8yr invite-Palmer at Continetal
9yr invite-Arnold
11yr invite-Somaine at Pacific
9-10 districts-Arnold
11-12 districts-Kabana
13-14 districts-Knorr
15-16 districts-Walsh
9-10yr girls?

For district play on 2 coaches and 1 scorekeeper outside fence are allowed for a roster of 12 kids,
if you add more kids 1 more coach may join.
Coaches for invites depend on rules of the hosting league.

The 11 yr. old tournament will be hosted by LPLL and will consist of 10 teams, the start date
is Thursday July 18th.
Tournament help is needed is following areas:
Umpires, Field Maintenance, Announcing, ScoreBoard, 50/50's, Canteen coverage,
Pitch Count recorder, Score Keeper.

More information on tournaments and districts at next board meeting.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Feb.12th ,2008-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
,Rick Palmer,Joe Sokalski, Greg Arnold, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,Jim Grant, Donna Grant, Marc Haworth, Jim Stockdale, Dottie Waller
Steve Walsh

Issues Discussed:

Our registration numbers are looking good. We will have sign ups on Saturday mornings starting 2/16 (9am - 12pm).
Previous players that have not signed up as of yet will be notified of the additional sign ups

Field maintenance starts March 1st all volunteers will meet at the field by 9am.
Thank you advance for you help!

Baseball Information
Give a warm welcome to our newest board member Dotti Waller, as VP of Softball.
The Bat-a-thon and it's importance.
Tryouts are still scheduled for March 15th.
Dotti will be promoting the bat-a-thon and possible hosting an eleven-year old tournament this would run July 17th - 28th.
Volunteers needed to host this event, if you are interested please let a board member know.
Our safety manual has been updated and looks good
Discussed the Levittown Pacific bounders.

A vote was taken on using a new photographer. Kids at heart will be used this season and the owner of the company
will be purchasing a 4 x 8 advertising sign this season (thank you for your support). Updates to follow regarding Sponsor Plaques.
Pictures will be done on opening day.

All board members have been asked to attend a short meeting on Tuesday Feb. 26th @ 6:30 to discuss our Major Teams.

Sponsors and signs- Steve Howell to bring flyer.
Cost discussed- voted ok. Do you know anyone would lioke to buy a sign?

(Minutes taken by LeeAnne Howell)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Oct 23, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
,Rick Palmer, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Joe Sokalski, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,, Joe Tretter, Jim Grant, Marc Haworth,
Chris King,, Steve Walsh, Vic Parker, Jim Stockdale

Issues Discussed:

Ok ffom George Washington for following dates
Fri-1/18/08, Fri-2/01/08, Thurs 1/24/08,Thurs 2/07/08
Reviewed Fees
New fees-voted,approved.
plus will receive $50. in raffle tickets to reduce cost.
2nd child is $25.

Canteen to get new fryer.
Fencing, includeing a new gate, fixing the backstops and adding 12ft fencing in front of the bleachers
will be completed. This will meet all saftey standards currenty enforced by hte league.
200ft distance is approived for 12 yr. old field. Capping for fences done by MacGregor in the spring.
Alot of discussion about field maintenance was addressed. Major field will be the first field to be updated.
Purchase of new mower,size 52- voted,approved.
Irrigation was vetoed. Stripping and rebuilding the entire major infield was approved.

Baseball Information
Welcome to our new Equiptment Manager Jim Stockdale.
New league pitching count rule 1-Rick will print and give out copies.
The possibilty of joining the little league website was discussed. Rick will look into for more info.
Cost for 2 yrs. is $85. and includes training. Concern is that LPLL consumers will not use it.
Please email or a board member with your thoughts.

Sponsors and signs- Steve Howell to bring flyer.
Cost discussed- voted ok. Do you know anyone would lioke to buy a sign?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Oct 9, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
Vic Parker, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Joe Sokalski, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,, Dave DeValerio, Jim Grant, Donna Grant,
Marc Haworth, Chris King, Rick Palmer, Steve Walsh,

Issues Discussed:

Nominations for New Board Members
Pres.- Rick Palmer
VP.-Jen Sommerer
Sec.-Lisa Clayton
Tres.- Joe Sokalski
Ump.-Greg Arnold
Field-Marc Haworth

Equipt- Deb Miller-?
Saftey-Jim Grant, Dottiw Waller
PlayRep-Chris King
Spon.-Steve Howell
Canteen-Leeanne Howell
Web-Bryce Sommerer

Baseball Information:
Permit for use of Geaorge Washington field. Chrissy King will look into dates for registration.
Gary Minster is still District Administator

Welcome to Rick Palmer - President for the 2007-2008 season. Thank you to Vic Parker for his years of service.
Lisa to create a new list of phone numbers. Will also look into cost of a copier, Steve Walsh too.
Also in look of a new printer, Liberty was high. Canteen to get a fryer.

Rick has landscaping company that will do it for a sign, vote taken approved.
All fields are in need of maintenance. Marc will provide estimate.Will start with Major field, can sod at end of Nov.
also add warning track and fence. Pony and intermediate field need 12ft high fences and capping.
Intermediate back stops also need to be done. Jim Grant will reamin at Saftey postition as he is familar with regulations.
Review of all fencing.

Sun., Nov.11 7:30-10:30 Neshaminy Mall tickets are $5.00 also can be bought at the main door of mall.
Special discounts and free wrapping trought out mall. The league will need people to help out at the door for an hour
then we can get some profit from the ticket sales.

The board will meet again on 10/23 at 7:30 to review registration prices and cost estimate for fields and fencing.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-May 8th, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
Vic Parker, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Joe Sokalski, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,, Joe Tretter, Scott Helbing, Dave DeValerio, Jim Grant,
Donna Grant, Debbie Miller, Mike DiCicco, Rick Palmer, Joe Somaine, Dottie Waller

Issues Discussed:

Umpires are needed, especially for Pony games.- 12 year old players can do-
Trashcans nee to be emptied after each game.-Managers and coaches are responsible.
Volunteers are needed to trim the fields, anyone with a weed wacker can come down.

Trenton Thunder tickets are now on sale for $9.00, we booked the Field of Dreams for August 4th Saturday 7:05pm,-
see team moms or LeeAnne, Jen, or Chrissy for more info.
Thank you to Miller Print Wear for donating $150.-proceeds are from the LPLL sports wear they've created.
Thank you to those who attented Family Fun Night at Friendly.

There have been a few issues with the sponser, our materials have just recently arrived. Date is Sat. JUNE 2nd.
A lot of discussion and ideas about how to plan our own event for next year.

Baseball Information:
Pony players must change positions every 2 innings including the pitcher. Levittown International discussion arose questioning the necessity
of interleagueing with LI. District regulates need for games to be played and which teams will interleague.
If there is a problem 1: call Vic Parker-LP President, 2:Call Jim Ryan-LI President, 3: If no results let Vic know,
4: Vic will follow through with our Distict.
There will be tournaments for 7-9 year old players and a 6 year old All Star game and a 9-10 year old District Team.
Rescheduling games-
TBall talk to other managers, check with Jen or LeeAnne to see if fields and date are available, Poniesand up schedule with Vic.
Cancellations,- Vic makes determination, Vic calls Rick, Rick calls LeeAnne/Jen and umpires.
Photo retakes- To make up photos see Jen

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-March 13th, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
Vic Parker, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Leeanne Howell, Steve Howell, Steve Knorr, Chris King, Joe Tretter, Joe Sokalski, Dave DeValerio, Steve Walsh,
Nick Arena, Mike DiCicco, Rick Palmer, Jim Buchanan, Matt Dons, Scott Helbling, Joe Somaine

Issues Discussed:

Baseball Information:
Intermediates and Majors will interleague with 5 other leagues. These will include Penndel, Neshaminy, Croydon, Bristol, International.
Neshaminy and Bristol have some 8 yr. ols on their teams, Will find out more at he Presidents meeting and provide update in April.
New rule for 2008, League Presidents may coach. Jrs and Srs coaches meeting Thursday April 5th at Fairless Hills. One Jr and T-ball coach are needed, please
let Vic know if you are interested.
Ponies- Currently there are13 players on each team, we have 3 teams. If we can formulate another team, play can remain at LP, if not Ponies may need to travel.
Sign-Ups-Due to insurance requirements, all paperwork must be completed for each player before that player can take the field. Team equipment bags are currently
being distribruted.Each team begining with ponies will receive a new bat.
Travel Ball- Fairless Hills needs 9-10 yr. old players, games are on Friday night and Sunday afternoons. If interersted see Scott Helbling for futher info.

Bathroom pipes broke and will fixed asap.
Canteen- A wish list was discussed. Items wanted include a freezer, possibly a new fryer, pretzel warmer and cheese machine. A smaller ice machine may also
be purchased.Prices are being explored to determine what can or can not be purchased this season.
Trailer- The board approved the puchase of a new 24 foot back and side door trailer. This is needed dur the vandalism of the current trailer.
Fencing- Pricing and measuring have been done. The board approved new fencing, new fence tops are also needed.
Dirt- 3 loads of diamond dust will be ordered and delivered in time for field fix up day. This should be enough to complete fields as needed.

Opening Day:-Saturday April 14th
Give aways are being planned. There will be one prize awarded for a player from each division. Names will be chosen that day.
Parade-Teams to be at George Washington School at 9:30am.
There has not been a response from Bristol Township, our letter to them was sent on Feb.12th. Melio and all Sponsors have been sent
invitations to our opening day. Remember to sell your raffle tickets and turn them in by April 14th, tickets will be pulled during ceromony.
Bake Sale-LPLL's Annual bake sale wiil be held on this as well. All contributions are greatly appreciated. All proceeds gp directly to LP
as we strive to make improvements in all areas.
Team Photos-The photographer will do photos on opening day begining at 11:30. More information will be shared, as received.

A request was made to have more than one game per night. Each team has a 16 schedule with 8 game home and 8 games away,
if interleagueing.
With T-Ball playing at LP fields, it appears that having 2 ganes per night is possible.

Jen will head this fundraiser event this year. Ways to make the event more interactive were discussed and will be pursued.
Some ideas include doing the Bat-A- Thon in one day, having games going on at hte same time, using more than one field at a time,
increasing interest in attending, etc.
The Bat-A-Thon will be held on the weekend of May 19th. Team moms will have more info soon.

Meetings and Up Coming Events:
3/15/07-Ladies Aux Meeting-7:30 @ 19 Mockorange Lane
3/24/07-Field Mantence Day-9:00
4/03/07-Managers/Coaches Meeting-7:30 @ CLubhouse
4/05/07-Jrs/Srs Meeting-7:00 @ Fairless Hills
4/06/07-Ladies Night Out-8:00 @ Baileys
4/10/07-Board Meeting-7:30 @ Clubhouse
4/14/07-Parade, Opening Day, 10:00am @ Washington

Remember all are welcome to help anywher you can.
Volunteers are always needed.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Feb.20, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In Attendance:
Vic Parker, Jen Sommerer,Steve Knorr, Lisa Clayton, Leeanne Howell, Steve Howell, Rick Palmer, Chris King, Joe Tretter, Joe Sokalski, Dave DeValerio, Steve Walsh, Nick Arena, Mike DiCicco, Tom Baton

Issues Discussed:

Current numbers are lower than those last year. Coaches will need to review rosters from last year and call former players.
Registration is still open at the clubhouse- Saturdays from 9-12.
Tickets are in for those who have not yet received them.


Clean-Up Day is Sat. 3/3 begin at 9:00am

Improving field maintenance was discussed
Volunteers are needed

Ideas for new items discussed
Need to price and prioritize

Continuing search for sponsors and community support
Support is needed and apprecicated.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Jan.9th, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance:
Vic Parker, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Leeanne Howell,Rick Palmer, Chris King, Jim Grant, Joe Sokalski, Dave DeValerio, Kelly Schulze, Steve Walsh

Issues Discussed:

Baseball Information:
Dogwood and Junewood have been rezoned to LPLL. Birch Valley has been rezoned to Continetal. Those from Birch Valley who have played with us last year can still participater at LPLL.
Sign-ups begin Friday Jan. 19th at our clubhouse from 7-9pm. We also have forms on the front website page to help families registration process eaiser.
Also we are posting a sign in front of Washington School to let everyone know that registration has been moved to the
clubhouse. Someone may be at the school to have to give the families directions to the clubhouse.
Our clubhouse needs some TLC prior to registration.
Vic would like to have the field permit prior to registration. The paperwork must be taken to the township within the next week in order to get the permit. Rick P offered to do this.
Our Charter has come in. And a fundraiser is available for review through Bank of America.
There will be a mandatory Manager/Coaches meeting held on Tuesday Feb 27th @ 7:30 in the Clubhouse.
Jen and Lee created a Manager Responsibility Cheat Sheet and it was reviewed by the attendees. Each coach and manager will receive this
list at the managers meeting.Also their is a more detailed list being worked on the will be reviewed at the Managers meeting.

Thanks to Vic, Steve H. and Dave for posting our new registration signs, and boy do they look GREAT!! If anyone sees a fallen sign please fix or call Steve at 215-946-2337.
There are four signs on Haines Rd. to attract Dogwood and Junewood residents. Signs are also posted through out our sections.
Lisa has volunteered to give it TLC on Saturday 1/13. Thank you Lisa....Also Thank you to Steve W for fixing the clubhouse ceiling!

Lee has submitted a proposal to Conwell Egan community service department asking for volunteers and it now posted at the school. The
The school has also announced it over the loud speaker last week. Thank You Conwell Egan for your support!
Dicks Sporting Goods proposal for coupons and/or discounts submitted via the web by Lee. We should know more by the end of January.
Vic has to write a letter to the local Dick's store and then Dicks will donate approximately one piece of equipment per team. Dick's
thank you for your support!
Sports Authority web site for donations and sponsorship is being updated at this time. Their customer service department does not
reply to emails to let us know how long this site will be down.
Calls are being made at this time to previous sponsors to determine if they will be returning this season. If you know of anyone who may
what to sponsor a team or sponsor a sign please let Steve H know.

Those who graduated from our league and are interrested in umpiring any games this season please call Rick Palmer 215-945-6626.

Ladies Auxilary
Jen and Lee also presented a WHY VOLUNTEER questionnaire. This was reviewed by the attendees. Once the teams are made the managers
and team mom's will have to have each family complete this questionnaire by the time the season starts. Jen has also been in contact with
Fields Printwear for the Logo Wear sale which will start during registration, shirts, jackets etc...

Schedule of upcoming events:
McDonalds Family Night------------------------2/19/07 @ 4:30-8:30
-Walmart shoppong center, see website front page for flyer, please
print flyer and bring so lpll can get the credit drive-thru counts as well.
Mandatory Manager/Coaches meeting----2/27/07 @7:30 in the clubhouse
Field Clean Up Day------------------------------3/03/07 @ 8:00am
Try Outs--------------------------------------------3/10/07
Ponies -----10:00-11:30
inter------- 11:30-1:00
Majors ----1:00-2:30
Juniors and Seniors same days time will be set when they know how many kids will be playing.
If rain then try outs will be 3/11/07 but will start two hours later due to church/mass.
Field Fix Up Day------------------------------3/31 & 4/01 @ 8:00am
Opening Day-----------------------------------4/14/2007

Next Meeting
Tuesday Feb 13th @ 7:30


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Dec.12th, 2006----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance
: Vic Parker, Rick Palmer, Chris King, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Jim Grant, Joe Sokalski,

Issues Discussed:

Baseball Information:
A vote was taking regarding trading Birch Valley for Dogwood and Junewood. This vote has passed.
All the paperwork and funds were sent in for the Charter, still waiting to hear back. We should have an update by our next meeting.
Our taxes have been completed for the 2006 season. Matrix also gave us an example for the sign we are getting made for them.
Steve H followed up on the prices to have new registration signs printed. The information was reviewed and signs will be ordered at this time.
Paperwork is now available for Sponsorship and/or Signs for the out field. Contact Steve H if you need a copy of this information.
Jen and Lisa will be filling out the holiday post cards so they can be mailed out to all the families.
A vote was also taking to raise the registration fee $20. accross the board.

Conwell Egan Community Services has not been looked in as of yet. LeeAnne volunteered to research this.
Dicks Sporting good coupons and discounts were not looked into as of yet. LeeAnne also volunteered to research this.
Vic must still look into getting our registration information posted in the Courier Times. The paper needs a three week notice to have this information posted.

Steve H followed up on the prices to have new registration signs printed. The information was reviewed and signs will be ordered at this time.

Jim has received a packet from Little League concerning the saftey and insurance of our members, players, and anyone who is on our fields.

Ladies Auxilary
Our second fund raiser is a McNight which will take place on Monday Feb 19th. Flyers will be handed out at registration and will also
be available on our web site. FLYERS MUST BE TAKEN AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.
Joe S followed up on the post office paperwork and we are not eligible to get a discount on postage.

Next Meeting
Tues. Jan 9th @7:30

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes-Nov. 14th, 2006------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In Attendance
: Vic Parker, Dave DeValerio, Joe Sokalski, Rick Palmer, Chris King, Joe Tretter, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Sue Bennett,
Mike Gottshalk, Tom Barton

Issues Discussed:

Baseball Information
The discusion of trading certain sections is on hold bacause Levittown Continetal has no president. Only league presidents are able to authorize swaps. All current league members and younger
siblings will be able to remain with their current league. Neshaminy and Pendel may be merging.
Charter application is being worked on by Vic, this will provide us with proof of insurance and is needed receive the necessary approval from the township. Estimated cost of charter is $1300.
and will completed ASAP.Ladies Aux gave a check to Vic for this to be mailed in.
Matrix Taxes will be doing the leagues taxes every year on a volunteer basis as long as we advertise for them. Contact information is needed so that a sign can be purchased for them.
Sponsor / Advertisement fees will stay the same for our 2007 season. If anyone has business that would be interested please let Steve H know.
Registration fee increase was discuss in hope to get more volunteers. There was no decision made and will be further discussed at Dec meeting. Sign ups will be the last two Fridays in Jan
and first two Fridays in Feb.

The clubhouse roof and trailer are still in need of repair. We are in need of new registration signs. Steve H will look into the cost of this. All equipment that has not been turned in can be
returned to the clubhouse Tuesday night Dec.12th after 7:30 or get in touch with Dave DeValerio.

Dicks Sporting goods offers coupons and free items for non profit organizations. Vic will go to Dicks to inquire before our next meeting. Community Service from Conwell-Egan was mentioned
by LeeAnne and will be looked into further by her. LeeAnne gave Joe S paperwork to review to see if we qualify to get assistance on Postal stamps. Must follow up on this at Dec meeting.

Ladies Auxilary;
We will sponsor a McDonalds family night after registration dates, need to follow up with Rick Palmer for more info. Candy fund raiser has started. If you are interested in selling candy please
let the ladies aux know. Thank you!
Ladies Aux Meeting Wednesday 11/28/06@7:30- 37 Ravine Ln.

Follow Up:
Vic delivered $50. gift certificates and an apology letter to all of the Destroyers players.

Next Meeting

Tuesday Dec 12th @ 7:30

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes - October 10th, 2006 ----------------------------------------

In Attendance: Vic Parker, Dave DeValerio, Joe Sokalski, Rick Palmer, Chris King, Joe Somaine, Jim Grant, Ed Kramer, Scott Helbling, Joe Tretter, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell,
Bryce Sommerer, Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Dottie Waller, Sue Bennett, Kellie Schulze

Issues Discussed:

Baseball Information:
T-ball will not be traveling in our 2007 season, all games will be held at our fields.
Scott H is looking into possible having a 9/10 year old suburban travel team in 2007. More info to come.
Many teans still have their equipment, All equiptment needs to be returned to Dave D. A note to do so will be provided, most likely after the next meeting.
Sign Ups-various tasks are involved prior to sign-ups for next season which includes: obtaining the charter and submitting paperwork to Williamsport, aquiring permission to use Washington School
and the fields, making up flyers, getting permission to distribute these at various schools,etc. Bryce will obtaining the registration forms to be posted via website. Parents can access the site and print
the forms and fill them out ahead of time. Sign ups will begin in January.
Raising registration fees- a suggestion was made to raise fees to provide an incentive for families to actively participate in assisting at the canteen and with field maintanance. This is a tactic used by
many other leagues and other extra curricular activities. The concept involves families paying a fee upon registration and after completing their time they would receive that fee back. It is like a deposit,
volunteer and your money gets returned. There was some agreement and disagreement, and nothing has been set as a definite we plan on a vote. Since there were alot of opinions Vic has asked that
everyone attending the next meeting should come up a plan. This issue will be pursued. In order to vote on any issue you must attend 75% of the meetings and you can not miss three in a row.
The Destroyers team will be receiving visa gift cards in the amount of $50 per child, from raising the most money for the batathon.Vic will type up an apology letter and will deliver them personally to
the kids.

Canteen/Ladies Aux:
The canteen cleaning has recently been completed. The Ice maker still needs to be removed, canteen still needs to be winterized. We are receiving a freezer that has been donated to the league,
should be picked up with in the next 2 weeks. Ladies Aux received the receipt for the trophies and no taxes were charged. Pictures of the car wash and coaches game were passed around for
to see. Ladies Aux books were completed and past around. Email address received from everyone present. Also they picked if they'd like to be contacted with updates or not.

The club house ceiling is in dire needs of repair, it is falling down. There also was an attempted break into the trailer. Although there is no indication of theft, some property damage was sustained,
If anyone sees anything suspicious, please call the police.

Board Information:
The 2006-2007 LPLL board members include
President -Vic Parker
V.P - Jen Sommerer
Treasurer- Joe Sokalski
Sec- Lisa Clayton
Player agent-Chris King
Saftey- Jim Grant
Field Maint- Joe Tretter
Equipt-Dave DeValerio
Ump-Rick Palmer
LadiesAux-LeeAnne Howell
Sponser-Steve Howell
Web-Bryce Sommerer
Also Scott Helbling will be assisting Devo with the Equiptment, Dottie Waller will be assisting Joe Sokalski. A special thanks to former board members Vince Kabana, Ed Kramer and
Amanda Cissorsky who despite being too busy to hold board positions have offered their ongoing support and assistance.

Next Meeting
Tuesday Nov 14th @ 7:30

Ladies Aux Meeting
Friday Nov 3rd @ 7:00- 37 Ravine Ln.


--------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes - September 12th, 2006 ----------------------------------------

In Attendance: Vic Parker, Dave DeValerio, Rick Palmer, Chris King, Joe Somaine, Jim Grant, Jim Buchannan, Joe Tretter, Steve Knorr, Steve Howell, Leeanne Howell, Steve Walsh,
Jen Sommerer, Lisa Clayton, Dottie Waller, Heather Wilkinson

Issues Discussed:

Phillies Game:
An issue arose in which the team, Destroyers, who raised the most money for our Bat-A-thon fundraiser-did not get their Phillies tickets for the game on Sept.9th, as promised.
Concerns included the following: Destroyers chose the game in June, they notified the approprate LPLL board members right away, they never received the tickets, Now it's to late to get the
entire team together even if tickets could be purchased immedidtley. No parents were notified that he tickets were not available, this is the second consecutive year which there was a problem.
Vic will talk with Paul and Kim so they can arrange an activity the team would like at the leaques expense. Vic will call all the parents from Destroyers to apologize and let then know the issue
will be resolved.

Board Information: The 2007 board members vote have not take place as of yet and you are still able to nominate as a Nominees. Please let everyone know. Jim Buchanan join the group
and has offered his time for the 2007 season. Jim would love to be a floater to help out the board members, thank you Jim! Dottie Waller has volunteered to assist our 2007 Treasurer,
thank you Dottie!

Ladies Auxiliary:
We are in need the trophy receipt for the books, we must contact Vince. LeeAnne will contact Vince this week to get the receipt.Outstanding reimbursements for Joe Tretter and Steve Howell
will be taking care by LeeAnne. Joe and Steve must give LeeAnne their receipts so that the checks can be written. All the Thank You letters have been sent out to those who made donations
to support our annual awards picnic. A detailed donation spreadsheet is being designed by LeeAnne so that anyone can read it and know what needs to be done each year.
Please let the ladies aux know what your thoughts and comments where on the picnic. Also some people in the league saw the special Thank you gifts and were very impressed with this.
All comments, questions, suggestions and concerns regarding the canteen should be brought to the ladies aux attention throughout each season. This way each item can be review and then
everyone will be inform of the results/answers.Ladies Aux are working on a wish list at this time for the canteen to help the canteen run smoother.
All the ladies from the league are invited to a Ladies Night out October 13th. For more information please contact your team mom or a member from the ladies auxiliary.

Joe Tretter will be able to have the ice machine removed from the canteen and he would like to also winterize the bathroom/canteen. The only thing left to be done in the canteen prior to
winterizing is the cooking supplies must be re-cleaned.

Baseball Information:
Suggestion was given by the Ladies Aux about re-evaluating the rooster each year prior to ordering the teams trophies. Also it was suggested to recycle any trophies
that are on hand, by using them for stuff such as special achievements etc. If you have any suggests please let the board know.It has been decided that during registrations there must be a
space added to the forms asking for Email contact information. Vic had requested that when there is a problem to call him as soon as an issue occurs.

Disscussion focussed in the lack of communication and follow through, possible resolutions and formulating a better plan for next year. Some ideas to increase communication include visiting
the leaques website, producing a leaque events calendar (possibly monthly), keeping the canteen board updated, phone calls to and from coaches and team moms.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, October 10th , 2006
Last minute nominees accepted for board positions. Vote will be held at this meeting

Notes taken by Leeanne Howell, & Lisa Clayton

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LPLL Meeting Notes - August 8, 2006 -----------------------------------------------


Issues Discussed:

Ice Machine
The ice machine is apparently beyond repair,
A smaller ice machine may be purchased for approximately $1600.00.

All who sign up Fri can still pay $15.00..Tables, chairs and grills will be delivered, Tretter will pick up the tents.
Set up will begin Fri at 4pm and again on Sat 8am..All help is welcome, Bring coolers and ice if you can.

Raffle Prizes
Door raffles will include: Free registration next year; Free Detailing; Adult Fun; Overnight stay at Resorts in the Poconos
$20.00 Raffle tickets will remain on sale throughout the day

Board Information
There is still time to nominate board members in all positions.
Some positions will be shared by two people due to the load of responsibility
Some additional people are now seeking positions on the Board, all are welcome to be nominated for a position.

Baseball Information
We may look into a travel team next year. This will require additional insurance.
Scott will look into fall ball to acquire addditional information.
Regarding the Juniors not being able to participate in District play, this was due
to incorrect information we received on how completing the paperwork. As a result, we did not have enough eligible players.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Last minute nominees accepted for board positions. Vote will be held at this meeting

Notes taken by Lisa Clayton